Sire: Eric Ciperro
Dam: Jana Vom Freihof
Born: 06.03.2000
High: 60 cm

HD B/A, elbows 0/0
Eyes clear (2001, 2006, 2008)

~ Pedigree ~

Tara is my problem dog… She was going to the North of Finland, but things changed in that family and I decided to take Tara live with me and Dixon.

Tara has very strong hunting desire. It is so strong that it goes over. When she came to Finland as a 11 weeks old puppy and I let her free first time, it took max. two seconds, when she ran away to the forest. I was really worried, because the place was strange for her and she didn´t know me yet. I started to check the forest and my father went along the road. I found a man in his summer house and asked if he had seen Dixon in a little size. He said yes and told that first came a rabbit and “little Dixon” came after! Then he showed me the right direction where to go. But it was impossible to find her. She came back, when she had got enough:) This habit has continued. If she gets the chance she´ll run away to hunt by herself. She is very good company if we are hunting in the same area, but most of the time she does her own trips and I don´t have any idea where she is.

She loves the ducks. She can swim about 3 hours after them! Actually she loves all game, which is moving… Tara doesn´t understand what the break is. She can´t stop hunting. If she don´t get time to run free every day, she gets stressed.

Tara´s character is not suitable for breeding. She is nice inside and nice for people she knows, but with strange people I have to be careful (she is a little bit shy).
When Wilma moved in, Tara changed. She has been really nice after that. Of course she likes swimming (after ducks) very much... She has learnt to listen in the same time with hunting! (but not with the ducks). 

Eric Ciperro
HZP 191p.
VJP 74p.


Farro von der Iriswiese
AH, v.w.
VGP 1/300p HZP 184p., 179p.
VJP 61p.

Erlo aus dem Scherfeder Land

Cäsar vom Birkengrund ZGM214/78A

Alf v. Harsewinkel ZGM425/70A

Centa v. Westmünsterland ZGM103/72C

Yule vom Arenholz ZGM49/78A

Enok v. der Oerde ZGM244/75A

Gila v. Arenholz

Hanni von der Langen Weide

Tux vom Nibelungenhort ZGM33/78A

Adler v. Krähenhorst reg.3/1975A

Quelle v. Nibelungenhort ZGM205/74A

Anschy von der Langen Weide

Graf v. Hochholz

Moni de Wynen ZGM113/74A

Clay Ciperro
zgm 358/95A
VGP 2/298p TF
HZP 189 p., 190p.
VJP 66p., 74p.

Seppo vom Hochholz
VGP 1/311p.
HZP 148p. (§33)
VJP 69p.

Ikarus vom Xantener Forst
zgm 48/87B

Cassius von Wendlinghausen
zgm 20/82A

Carla vom Xantener Forst
zgm 244/77A

Rony vom Hochholz
zgm 65/89A

Erlo aus dem Scherfeder Land
zgm 2/84A

Perle vom Hochholz
zgm 14/83A

Int Ch
Sara ut Seelterlound

HZP 187p.
VJP 71p.

Croesus v. Schürbusch
zgm 86/86A

Amor von Wendlinghausen zgm 32/80A

Freya von der Hämer Mark
zgm 247/79A

Nadja ut Seelterlound
zgm 215/84A

Delf ut Seelterlound
zgm 202/76A

Edda ut Seelterlound
zgm 290/76A

Jana vom Freihof ZGM197/98A

HZP 181
VJP 72

Dux vom Freihof ZGM279/93A

VGP 2/283p.
HZP 141p. (30)
VJP 47p.


Iras von der Langen Weide

Amor von Wendlinghausen ZGM32/80A

Axel v. Dianas Hütte reg.14/1977A

Bianka v. Birkengrund ZGM307/77A

Eike von der Langen Weide ZGM184/82A

Lars v. Hochholz

Anschy v. der Langen Weide ZGM108/79A

Pola von der Langen Weide
VGP 1/320p.
HZP 192p.
VJP 73p.
AH, Btr.sil.

Quodo vom Hochholz ZGM22/85A

Gift v. Wirther Engeland ZGM198/78A

Perle v. Hochholz ZGM322/83A

Anka von der Iriswiese ZGM45/87A

Farro von der Langen Weide ZGM63/83A

Hanni von der Langen Weide ZGM53/84A

Kessy vom Krähenhorst ZGM170/96A
VGP 1/321p. ÜF
HZP 179p., 175p.
VJP 69p.

Niek vom Busshof ZGM70/94A
VGP 3/273p.
HZP 172p., 180p.
VJP 72p.

Erlo aus dem Scherfeder Land ZGM2/84A

Cäsar v. Birkengrund zgm 214/78A

Yule v. Arenholz ZGM49/78A

Panja vom Eichenhof
ZGM 90/90B

Mando v. Edelsteig ZGM272/87A

Eibe v. Busshof ZGM238/87A

Inka vom Hessenland ZGM252/94A
HZP 175p.
VJP 71p.

Donar vom Marienbrink ZGM7/88A

Boris v. Busshof ZGM272/85A

Bille v. Marienbrink ZGM50/86A

Esther vom Mennonitenhof ZGM122/90A

Basko v. Hessenland ZGM31/81A

Bella aus Klingen ZGM154/86A