sire: Sh Ch Bedalodge Chimer
dam: Ghyllbeck Raphidia

HD : 6+4 = 10 (A/A)
eyes clear (2004,2006)
HU normal (DNA tested)

3 litters

Reba produced 6 puppies on the 20th of September 2006, two dogs and four bitches. All the puppies are fine. Both dogs have their testicles. Ghillie boy is brown and white.

Daughter Lily passed N.A.T. test already on the 1st April 2007, only at the 6 months of age!
Son Dexter was the BPIS at the show on the 5th May 2007. There were 23 puppies.



Sex Name HD Elbows Eyes Show Working test
 D Ellscott Glen Finnan illa Ghyllbeck (Dexter) 7+2=9
  0/0  clear    
 B Ellscott Glen Prosen illa Ghyllbeck (Helga) 4+2=6
  0/0  clear     Sh Ch  
 B Ellscott Glen Gelder mit Estmarza (Nelke) 3+3=6
  0/0  clear   1st Novice Obedience class
 B Ellscott Glen Lochy at Celtaur (Onyx) 3+6=9
  0/0  clear    
 B Ellscott Glen Doll (Lily)         N.A.T. passed

Ellscott Glen Lochy at Celtaur has also DNA test result: HU normal.

Helga has got the title of Sh Ch.
Nelke has gained The Datroy Penny Black Obedience Trophy-2009 award.

Onyx, Helga and Dexter have everyone one litter.