Mr. President " Dixon"

Sire: Niek vom Busshof
Dam: Bea Ciperro
Born: 10.11.1996 - 27.08.2008
High: 66 cm

HD A/A, elbows 0/0
eyes clear (1998, 2001, 2006)

inbreeding%= 11,2904
(counted with 10 generation)

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Dixon is my first pointing dog. He was the boss of dog-puppies in his litter and was called with the name “Mr.President”, which he still recognize. That´s why he also got his official name Dixon: it was D-litter and the name Dixon comes from Nixon. But he is Mr.President also because of his high quality.
Dixon was nine weeks old, when I got him. Breeders Pavel and Iva had taught him many things already. He came with a whistle for example. Dixon learnt things very quickly. Indeed I didn´t have to teach him at all. He just did all I wanted. He seemed to understand even my hand-signs!

Dixon´s character is perfect, even thought he is “the boss”. He loves people, children and adults, and wants all their attention. He wants his hug times every day. Or then I have spoilt him, because I love him so much… He is very calm inside and outside. Inside the house he usually sleeps all the time near the people. If I go to the other room, he follow me and take the new place beside me. He has his own pillow, which he always carry with. In the evening he don´t want to go to the bed alone…He come with his pillow in his mouth and keep noise until he get somebody to sleep with him.

Dixon has desire to please, which I feel very important in characteristic. He works very well in a real hunting. He has an excellent nose and don´t miss games at the area. His pointings are very good (intensive). He uses wind the right way. And he runs when working. He runs fast and head up like setters. He retrieve and bring all games in one piece, not break them. Dixon can also come to tell me if he has found the game. Then he goes back and take the new pointing for the game he found earlier. Dixon has learnt this by himself! It happen, when we are in the deep forest and I can´t see him and his pointing. This thing dogs have to do in our winner class (Kaer)…

We moved to Suonenjoki on the July 1999 and quite soon happened an accident and Dixon hurt badly. He was not the same anymore, I realized years later, why. After accident our Vet only checked if legs were broken and they were not. In the beginning of 2004 Dixon couldn´t got up! I was sure that his life is over, when I drove to the Vet. There found one change in his back…Good luck he got better! He has good and bad days, but most of good days. He gets his professional massage about once a month. It has helped to keep problems away.

On the August 2008 I had to make very hard decision: to let my lovely Dixon-boy sleep away. The Vet never found what was wrong with him. His heart and other internal organs was all ok. There was something wrong in his throat. When he got tired his throat "closed" and he didn´t get air to breath. Finally his condition fell so down because of these breathing problems that it was better for Dixon to let him die.
The Vet suspected asthma as a result of living in our sick house, where was damage caused of mould (mold in american language). Actually I got also asthma there. The cold water and cortisone helped to get the throat open. One of my hunting friend said it would be cancer in the throat, but my Vet said it was impossible, because the cancer grow up bigger and bigger and that was not happened in his throat. Anything was growing up anywhere inside Dixon.

Dixon has three brothers and three sisters. One brother lives in Italy and I heard he has been an excellent hunter in the mountains of Italy. In Germany four sister have been in the breeding-tests (VJP,HZP), including Dixon in v.w.HZP. Brother Dexter(HD A) is in the breeding dog list in VGM.e.v. and he has about 25 litters in the Middle Europe. Sister Darca did also very well in the VJP and HZP, but unfortunately her HD was E. Also sister Doria passed VJP very well. In zuchtschau (special breeding show in Germany) have Dexter, Darca and Dixon all got grade v/v.

This should be the right pedigree of Dixon Ciperro. In our Kennelclub´s system finds some wrong names: Inca v. Hoohhols ZBDW107/78, Lars v. Hoohhols ZBDW21/80 and Belf ut Seelterlound ZBDW202/76. There is any Hoohhols kennel in the world and ZuchtBuch DW means maybe Deutsche Wachtelhunde...

Inka v. Hochholz, Lars v. Hochholz and Delf ut Seelterlound are all Large Münsterländers and in the ZGM register.

You can see there finds some "reg." dogs. It means that behind it finds DL (German longhaired pointer). All the others should be in the ZGM register.

The Mother Bea should also be the Int Ch, but the owner has never done it officiall.


Niek v.Busshof
ZGM 70/94A 43488

64cm sg/sg, v/sg

HN, VJP 72p.
HZP 180p.
v.w.HZP 172p. + beste
VGP 3/273p.

Erlo aus dem Scherfeder Land
ZGM 2/84A spl

Cäsar v. Birkengrund
ZGM 214/78A

Alf v.Harsewinkel
ZGM 415/50A

Tell v.Römersee 332/66A 15660 Btr.

Gräfin v.Westmünsterland 58/68 spl.

Centa v. Haus Emsing ZGM103/72C

Boss v.Westmünsterland 48/67 spl.Btr. 16473

Westmarks Galla 132/66 16472

Yule v.Arenholz
ZGM 49/78A

spl, Btr

Enok v.der Oerde
ZGM 244/75A

Gift v.Bramgau 267/67A spl. 16481

Afra v.der Oerde 69/72

Gila v. Arenholz ZGM21/76A

Gauner v.Bramgau 266/67A 16391

Ambra v.Arenholz 90/72

Panja v. Eichenhof
ZGM 90/90B 41045

spl, HN,Vbr,Btr

Mando v.Edelsteig
ZGM 272/87A 32102

Jaros v. Edelsteig ZGM167/85A

Cäsar v.Birkengrund 214/78A

Dunja v.Edelsteig 189/77A

Ira v. Edelsteig ZGM334/84A

Delf ut Seelterlound 202/76A 24782 Btr.Sw.I/III

Gilla v. Edelsteig 202/82B

Eibe v. Busshof
ZGM 238/87A

Jard v. Römersee ZGM92/82A

Ben v.Forstberg 226/74A

Lady v.Römersee 161/72A

Asta v. Grönegau ZGM145/85A

Artus v.Schürbusch 271/82A 30930 Sw.II

Katy ut Seelterlound 278/81A 30963 Btr.

Bea Ciperro
ZGM 171/94A


VJP 70p.
HZP 176p.
v.W.HZP 200p.

Rando v. Edelsteig
ZGM 192/90A 40352

AH, Btr
VJP 68p.
HZP 188p.
VGP 291p./3

Quirl ut Seelterlound
ZGM 290/87A 37206

spl, Vbr, SW I
VJP 70p.
HZP 182p.
VGP 332p./1

Lars v. Hochholz
ZGM 21/80A

Ferro v. Haus Emsing 184/78A

Inka v. Hochholz 107/78A

Maja ut Seelterlound
ZGM 292/82A

Delf ut Seelterlound 202/76A

Edda ut Seelterlound 290/76A

Oda v. Edelsteig
ZGM 104/88B

Olaf ut Seelterlound
ZGM 20/86A

Ulf v. Nibelungenhort 82/80A

Nadja ut Seelterlound 215/84A

Gilla v. Edelsteig
ZGM 202/82B

Ferro v. Haus Emsing 184/78A

Dunja v. Edelsteig 189/77

Int Ch, CZ Ch
Sara ut Seelterlound

ZGM 329/89A

4 x CAC, 3 x CACIB

VJP 71p.
HZP 187p.

Croesus v. Schürbusch
ZGM 86/86A 36040

Amor v.Wendlinghausen
ZGM 32/80A

Axel v. Dianas Hütte reg.40/1977

Bianca v. Birkengrund 307/77A

Freya v.der Hämer Mark
ZGM 247/79A

Graf v. Hochholz reg.1/1977A

Bianka v. Krähenhorst reg.14/1976

Nadja ut Seelterlound
ZGM 215/84A 33547


Delf ut Seelterlound ZGM 202/76A

Ilex aus der Eifel 255/74A

Anka v. Steinfelder Kempel 314/69A

Edda ut Seelterlound ZGM 290/76A

Tell v. Römersee 332/66A

Tina v. Westmünsterland 186/73A

Dixon has been ten times in FCI shows and once in special LM show (v.w.zuchtschau) in Germany. Dixon has got 5 CCs and 4 CACIBs in three different countries. Three CCs from Finland, which is the maximum the dog can take, one CC from Norway and one CC from Germany. The working dog need only two CACIBs in two different countries before it can get the title of Int Ch. There must be min. one year and one day between the first and the last CACIBs. Dog needs also the working test result before it will get the title of Int Ch. Today the test result has to be 2.prize twice or 1.prize once in open class. I decided that four CACIBs would be enough for Dixon… Dixon has always got at least “very good” in shows except once, when he decided to start his two years old puperty in the middle of the show ring…:) Here is the all his original critiques. Some words are so illegible that I´ve put the question mark after those words.







Jun1, Juk1, KP

Sirik Zafra, Israel


Helsinki, Messukeskus

Jun1, Juk1

Britt-Marianne Ouchterlony, Sweden



Nuo1, Nuk1

Per Porsild



Nuo1, Nuk1

Markku Santamäki


Helsinki, Messukeskus, World Dog Show

Nuo1, Nuk1, CC, CACIB, BOB, WW-98

Rodi Hübenthal, Norway


Wirdum, Germany

V/V, Gold Medaille



Dortmund, Westfalenhallen, Germany , Bundessieger-Zuchtschau

V, CC, CACIB, BOB, VDH-ChA, Bundessieger-98

Marko Medar, Kroatia




Kirsti Wuorimaa


Helsinki, Messukeskus, Voittaja-98.

Avo1, Avk1, SA, CC, CACIB, PU1, VSP, V-98

Frank Kane, GB



Käy1, Käk1, SA, PU1, CC, BOB

Nils Molin


Trondheim, Leangen, Norway


Frank Christiansen

Click HERE to view the whole judge´s critique

Dixon did things very good in tests too. It is not his fault that he don´t have more working awards. Dixon was the first LM, who started tests in Finland. It took many years until somebody gave me advices, how to train dog right and how I should lead the dog in the tests. I did many mistakes until I learnt. Actually I am still learning….:)

When I learn enough the special hunting words, I will translate those test critiques below.

Dixon olisi ollut erittäin lahjakas koira ja helppo koulutettavakin. Olisi vain pitänyt tietää mitä opettaa ja miten. Yhdelläkään isomünsterillä Suomessa ei taida vielä olla vastaavia kirjallisia arvosteluita kokeista, mitä Dixon on saanut: vauhdikasta ja laajaa maastonpeittävää yläpäistä hakua, varmaa linnunkäsittelyä... Menestys oli kiinni vain puutteellisesta tottelevaisuudesta ja ohjaajan osaamattomuudesta, sen voi jokainen lukea rivien välistä. Ohjaajan virheet eivät periydy ja se näkyy jo Dixonin jälkeläisissä: neljä koepalkittua jälkeläistä, eikä ikää lapsilla ole paljoa vuotta enempää tuloksen saatuaan. Tässä tulokset, joista 17.01.04 puuttuu tietokannoista, sillä onhan se nyt liikaa vaadittu koejärjestäjältä vielä postittaa tulokset Kennelliittoon raskaan koepäivän jälkeen...:)







Wirdum, Germany.


Dixon passed the test and can use the title of v.W.





Avo3, 55pist.

Timo Ailio

"Haku on aktiivista riistalle pyrkivää ja johtavaa hakua. Riistatyössä on erinomainen linnun paikallistaminen, räväkkä nosto, mutta kohtalaisesti perään. Pysähtyy kuitenkin käskystä. Noudossa on keskittymisvaikeuksia ja vitkastelua tuonnissa".

(Oma lisäys: Noudon keskittymisvaikeudet ja vitkastelu tuonnissa johtuivat siitä, että kun lintu heitettiin ja ammuttiin, läheisestä kuusiaidasta karkkosi fasaanikukko. Dixon kyllä meni suoraan noutolinnulle luvan saatuaan ja otti linnun heti suuhunsa, mutta paluumatkalla herran piti käydä fasaani suussa tarkistamassa kuusiaita. Ja ennen fasun lähtöä Dixonin nenä merkkaili kuusiaidan suntaan siellä olevaa fasua.)




Avo3, 50pist.

Jari Karmala

"Hakee kahdessa erässä hyvää maaston peittävää hakua. Hakua rasittaa yksi törmäys ja ajoittainen maaston kertaaminen. Toisessa erässä seisoo fasaanin kaukaa. Hyvä nosto suoraan linnulle. Linnun lähtiessä ryntää pysähtyen. Noutoa rasittaa ohjaajan noutolupa ennen kuin se oli annettu ja linnun pudottelu".




Avo2, 74pist.

Mauri Harju

"Haku melko hyvää ja maastonpeittävää kohtalaisen vauhdikasta hakua. Itsenäinen koira. Hakee hyvin sekä aukealla että peitteisessä. Jäljittää fasaanin jokipenkassa. Vakuuttava seisonta, hyvä raju nosto. Koira levoton linnun lähtiessä. Nouto täydellinen kylmän linnun nouto".

Tässä vielä yksi parhaista kirjallisista arvosteluista, mitä Dixon on saanut, vaikkei palkituksi tullutkaan
(vastaavia löytyy muitakin tietokannasta):

10.12.1999 Timo Ailio:
Haku on innokasta ja riistalle pyrkivää toimintaa. Erikoisesti on huomioitava yläpäisyys ja tuulenkäyttö haussa. Riistatyössa on vakuuttava seisonta, joka on melko kaukaa tapahtuva juttu. Eteneminen on vapautunut suoritus suoraan linnulle…




AXA z EGERANU(FIN50550/05, CLP/VMO/1280)



Dixon is now gone, but his genes will come to live in Finland, GB, Australia, Spain, France, Holland and the United States.

You can find more information about Dixon in the news site. Some memories...

Mr.President Dixon on osoittautunut juuri niin erinomaiseksi jalostusurokseksi, minä saksalaiset rodun asiantuntijat sitä pitivät nähdessään hänet vorm walde HZP:ssä. Suomessa Dixon ei ikinä saanut arvostusta (tietyssä seisojapiirissä), muualla maailmassa sitten senkin edestä.

Dixon on nyt poissa, mutta hänen geenit jatkavat eloaan ainakin Britanniassa, Australiassa, Espanjassa, Ranskassa, Hollannissa ja Yhdysvalloissa.