sire: Junker vom Vossbrink
dam: Sheila vom Busshof


Carda produced 15 puppies on the 14th of July 2005. Three pups were born as dead and three died before two weeks of age. The others are fine. Metkale`s other testicle didn´t come down and it had to operate. The sons of Dixon have been great. Three of them got prize in Kaer and Miki was too good for young class… He should change the class then:) In the shows some puppies have got CCs and CACIBs and Meikäpoika and Mindy got the title of V-06. Meikäpoika got also the Award of Best LM Working dog (2006).

Sex            Name                  HD Elbows   Eyes        Show         KAER
D Tarmokas Meikäpoika A/A    0/0     Nuo1,AVO3
D Tarmokas Metkale C/D    0/0     Nuo2
D Tarmokas Mezger B/B    0/0     Nuo3
D Tarmokas Miki A/A        
B Tarmokas Melina A/A    0/0      
B Tarmokas Marina B/B    0/0      
B Tarmokas Mette A/A        
B Tarmokas Mindy A/A    0/0      
B Tarmokas Miska A/A    0/0      

The boys of Dixon as an adult:

                                          "Turo" , the son of Dixon (above the left side and below)