Dancing Willow of Ellscott


sire: Kalevalley Sololad of Ellscott
dam: Tatigi Fairest Imogen
Born: 13.03.2004

HD : 3+3 = 6 (A/A)
eyes clear (2005)

3 litters
pedigree of Shadow

 I put pictures as soon as I have time to learn to do it.

Shadow produced 7 puppies on the 16th of October 2007, two dogs and five bitches. All the puppies have the right colour ( black and white). The dogs have their both testicles.

The puppies got their official names from the lakes of Finland. The bitches are Lake Keitele, Lake Koitere, Lake Kukkia, Lake Kolima and Lake Kuvansi. The dogs are Lake Lummene and Lake Lukka (comes  from Lake Lokka).

Ellscott Lake Lukka has HD 4+3=7 (A/A), elbows 0/0, eyes clear, HUU Clear.
Ellscott Lake Keitele in Australia has HD 3:3 (A/A).